Get the most out of your harvest and hemp processing equipment with KannaMill. Scaleable for various levels of throughput production, our GMP compliant industrial grinders process all types of plant material and biomass with your time, safety, and goals in mind. Whether you’re looking to process for extraction, optimize product size for storage requirements, or reduce bulk waste, KannaMill will craft a mill that best fits your unique production needs – and stands the test of time.

We do more than just offer equipment,
we offer engineering solutions to build out thoughtful product flow.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are able to.

Can you modify the motor/controls to match my facilities power requirements?

Absolutely. We will work with you to customize your equipment to your requirements.

Can I customize my KannaMill?

Yes, in addition to the standardized Lab Series models we offer a variety of hammer mills and shredders to meet your specific requirements.

Can we send you material to test?

Yes you can. Please contact us directly.

How do we clean our KannaMill?

What are the wearable parts within our KannaMill and how often do we need to replace them? Are replacement parts readily available?

Yes we manufacture everything in Buffalo, NY, and keep mill components on the shelf for quick response to your needs.

What other equipment does KannaMill offer?

We offer scalable hammer mills, scalable shredders, material handling and dust collection as well as pellet mills and pellet coolers thru our sister companies.