About KannaMill


As the hemp industry skyrocketed, industrial growers needed a better solution for grinding their biomass. They needed to move through more product faster and more efficiently, losing less to dust and downtime, with a consistent particle size output, and superior downstream extraction. So they turned to the global leader in size reduction equipment: Schutte Hammermill.

Since 1928, Schutte has established itself as the leader in size reduction equipment, known worldwide for rugged construction, economical prices, and day-in-day-out dependability. Our products are made in the USA, and proudly manufactured in Buffalo, New York.

The KannaMill was developed and designed in close collaboration with the exact growers, producers, and extractors seeking this engineered enhancement. The result is a series of heavy duty grinders tailor-made for hemp flower processing and CBD extraction — heavy duty, low maintenance, tight particle size distributions, scaleable for various levels of throughput, and the unmatched reliability of Schutte.

We don’t just offer off-the-shelf solutions. We have standardized our Lab Series models for in-stock availability and response to your schedule. For larger production or unique challenges, your KannaMill is custom built to your specific requirements. We ship worldwide, and back our products with best-in-class service and partnership.