Built Tough for High Throughput and Consistency in Cannabis Production
“With the Schutte-Buffalo KannaMill, the time to grind has dropped significantly, and our dust in the end products is greatly reduced.”
– Kyle Robinson, Laboratory Director, Chalice Farms

KannaMill size reduction equipment has been designed in partnership with high production cannabis processors. At the heart of every KannaMill is our long history of manufacturing rugged, durable equipment.  Our heavy-duty, precision design meets the demand for low maintenance and tight particle size distributions, and is scaleable for various levels of higher-throughput production.  KannaMill ships worldwide, and we welcome inquires for customized solutions to meet individual customer specifications.

The KannaBevel™ – The Edge for Uniform Particle Size Distribution and Low Resin Build-up

Utilizing the proprietary KannaBevel™ cutting hammers, the KannaMill products produce a high output of consistently sized material over thousands of pounds of high resin buds. Capable of handling a wide range of resin and moisture contents, KannaMill delivers consistent, uniform particle size without separating the biomass from active ingredients. Stem sections are processed with ease, significantly reducing time and personnel costs. This means more consistent product quality for perfect pre-rolls and edibles, as well reduced material handling and waste. For extractors it means a more repeatable extraction process with higher yields. With such an effective and durable rotor configuration, the ROI with the KannaMill for growers, processors and retailers is significant.

The KannaMill Family of Size Reduction Equipment for Growers, Processors and Extractors in the Cannabis Industry

Guided by input from our customers, we have designed several different product models


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